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Terms and conditions

"BrightNok" is not responsible for speeding up the color or shrinkage of clothing and does not guarantee 100% stain removal.
"BrightNok" cannot be held responsible for breaking buttons, hooks, beads, trimming or thread-outs.
"BrightNok" may not be liable for any delays, losses or damages arising out of unforeseen circumstances or out of control.
Any clothing exchanges must be notified within 24 hours of the "BrightNok" customer service.
Customers are requested to measure the fabric at the time of delivery, any deficiencies at the time of delivery should be reported to "BrightNok" customer service.
Customers are requested to inspect their clothing before delivery and we are not responsible for any postnatal damage.
If claimed within 24 hours after delivery, 10 times washing rate will be given for lost / damaged items.
All communication will be via SMS only, so request you to check all SMS.
Compensation Refunds 50% of missing clothing charges.